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We provide unique vision on strategy, design & execution for your AI, FinTech & E-commerce products & services.

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Expertise  /

We consult with cross-discipline domain knowledge & vision, that's why we call ourselves Unicorn.

Unicorn Vision provides consulting services as a creative studio focusing on brand, product strategy & design solutions for clients worldwide. Please find our services and capabilities below.


  • Advertising
  • Content Strategy
  • Brand Strategy
  • Software Consultation
  • Service Design
  • Social Media & Marketing Strategy
  • User Experience Design


  • iOS & Android Application Design
  • Digital Product & Hardware Design
  • Illustration
  • Packaging & Print Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Visual & Verbal Identity
  • Web Design


  • Animation Creation
  • iOS & Android Application Development
  • Copywriting
  • Website Development
  • Photography
  • Software Development & Maintenance
  • User Experience Design

Feature projects /

Besides being a consulting firm & digital agency, we build and run our own projects too.

We are not making a living by only doing client work. We build things for ourselves too. That means sometimes we don't need to persuade you to use any tools/ frameworks/ strategy, because we are using the same thing in our projects with proven outcome.

Our Leadership /

We are based in Hong Kong leading a global task force distributed remotely across the world.

Our creative and content team mainly located in Hong Kong and Taipei. Our development team work across multi timezone, from Hong Kong to New York, from Taipei to London. That make us able to handle projects at any scale.

1  /

We don't sell template

Everything we do is tailored for every project.

We are not selling the same thing over and over again. That said what we created are unique and you will never see the same thing in the market. The reason behind that is we start with developing the visual & verbal identity at the beginning of every project, then those brand elements we developed will become the foundation for everything we build afterward.

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We never delay

Sometimes we may not know the answer at first, but we do know the process for finding that solution.

We have been using a framework in the past 6+ years to guides our clients, partners & internal team to build project blueprints. That helps us to pinpoint problems that lie behind every request and finish the project on time with efficiency.

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We are business oriented

We make design & development decisions based on business needs.

We always put business growth and sustainability before aesthetic appreciation. There is a very clear line between design and art. Design is objective that based on verified facts while art is very subjective that based on personal preferences. We are doing design work here in Unicorn Vision, not artwork.